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FAQ: Updates & Answers to Questions Regarding MACHA & WACHA's Merger

As payment systems evolve, MACHA – The Mid-Atlantic Payments Association, and WACHA – The Wisconsin Automated Clearing House Association, Inc. sought strategic opportunities to continue to be competitive and best support our members. In the spring of 2020, the Membership of MACHA and WACHA/PAR approved a merger to combine the two associations into one entity. As of June 1, 2020, the merger was finalized and a new association was created. Needing a name, the combined association continued with the MACHA name. 

Later this year, a new name and logo will be announced. Our members might notice some changes aesthetically, but we assure our members that together we will continue to be responsive, flexible and provide additional support and enhanced services. 

We know that mergers come with questions, so check out our FAQ below. If you have more questions, we are always available at 800-453-1843 or

Will services change?

Combined, the association maintained its staff, offices and 2020 workshops. For the members of the associations, it is business as usual. There will be no changes to existing member services and our 2020 fees will still be the same. Our same staff will be here to take your calls (at the same phone number) and assist you with education and problem resolution support.

The combination of the two associations will create a more robust association offering more services to existing members and positioning the organizations for future growth in the industry.

Why did MACHA and WACHA merge?

As merger and acquisitions continue and as payments systems evolve, we are set up for the future to continue to be responsive, flexible and meet our member needs. We will be able to offer added support and enhanced services to our members.

For the members of the associations, it is business as usual. There will be no changes to existing member services and our 2020 fees will still be the same. Our same staff will be here to take your calls (at the same phone number) and assist you with education and problem resolution support. The 2020 education schedule will remain. 

Why/how is MACHA the surviving organization?

As a larger association we can provide and offer more services. The surviving organization is a legality. Both staffs, offices and services remain intact. Keep an eye on our website for a new branding and logo coming soon!

How does this affect member’s relationships with the national organization (Nacha)?

As a larger association with more members we will have a stronger vote with Nacha on rules. The merger does not affect our member’s discounts or other benefits received with Nacha.

What’s WACHA and PAR?

Wisconsin Automated Clearing House Association (WACHA) was a membership-based organization which provides financial and business communities with electronic payments education and information. Like MACHA, WACHA assists in implementation, problem solving, and marketing of all ACH products and services to our over 300 members. 

In 2011, the WACHA Board of Directors established a wholly owned subsidiary Payment Advisory Resource (PAR) to be the delivery arm for services including compliance, advisory services, and risk management. 

What’s MACHA?

The Mid-Atlantic Clearing House Association, Incorporated, trading as MACHA - The Mid-Atlantic Payments Association is a member-based organization recognized as the premier resource for information related to all payment rules and networks. MACHA is a Payments Association established in 1975 that serves financial institutions, businesses, and municipalities. Our mission is to increase the understanding and use of payment networks by providing education, operational support, and advocacy to payments professionals.

What about PAR?

Under the combined association PAR became a subsidiary of MACHA. PAR’s services continue to be offered as they previously were.


We have similar associations and are both very member service centric. We mesh well and offer services that complement each other. 

Will my membership dues & fees change?

Dues and fees are set for 2020 and will not increase this year. MACHA regularly evaluates our dues and fees structures to best support our products and member.

Will the staff be the same?

Yes, the staff will still be here with the added benefit of additional staff to assist our members. Mary Gilmeister became President & CEO and Bob Dael is President Emeritus. Bob also serves on the MACHA/PAR Board of Directors.

Will the offices close?

Both locations will be maintained and staffed.

Will there be changes to member services?

No changes to member services. We will still offer publications, problems solving solutions, education and dues and fees are set through 2020.

Can I still use my Education Package Plan? (MACHA)

Yes! Use your package plan to register for applicable MACHA workshops. 

Can I still use my Education Club? (WACHA)

Yes! Please continue to use the Education Club. 

Can I attend training or buy publications from either website and receive member pricing? 

Yes! You can find our training calendar and publication on the website, or give us a call and we are happy to assist you. Yes, and you can also pay by credit card, ACH, or check. 

Can I still call for questions on unclaimed properties?

Yes. Please continue to call us with all of your questions. Our services remain the same. We still maintain the partnerships with Georgeson as well as Segmint and Argos Risk as well. 

Are there additional member benefits?

We offer a weekly newsletter. Please sign up on our website to receive it.

How do I subscribe or unsubscribe from email communication?

Please sign up on our website to receive our weekly newsletter. Email to be added or removed from any email communication.

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