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Best Practices in Unclaimed Property Compliance

1.8 AAP/APRP Credits

Speakers: James Santivanez, JMS Advisory Group and Mike Ryan, Macha Unclaimed Property Liaison

The session will share unclaimed property best practices with Macha members. These best practices will include:

  • How to stay in contact with customers and members
  • Best ways to reduce escheatment liability
  • What are the costs and indirect costs of unclaimed property compliance?
  • Overview of Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Key ways to get management to take unclaimed property compliance seriously
  • How to get members and customer to remain active
  • Update on recent laws regarding unclaimed property compliance (i.e. California Amnesty and New York Deceased Confirmation)

James Santivanez is the president of JMS Advisory Group. JMS is a firm dedicated to escheat process development and improvement. It is their mission to help their clients mitigate risk and capitalize on opportunities resulting from accurate and properly manage unclaimed property compliance.

Mike Ryan is Macha’s unclaimed property liaison. Mike is also Director of Business Development at Linking Assets, Inc. Linking Assets is the leading owner location services company, helping banks and credit union locate, reengage, and reunite dormant/lost customer and members with their assets to reduce escheatment.

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