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AAP Test Prep Package (Macha)

Publisher: Macha

The AAP Test Prep Package includes:

  • Nacha Operating Rules & Guidelines
  • AAP Study Kit (in electronic format)
  • AAP Flash Cards
  • ACH Pro
  • ACH Compliance Manual
  • ACH Risk Management Handbook
  • Revised Uniform Commercial Code 4A and the ACH Network
  • Third-Party Senders & the ACH Network
  • Three Day Review (Note: The Review sessions are In-Person only)

Upon purchasing the AAP Test Prep Package, you will receive more information on how to optimize your study plan so you can take the exam with confidence. 

AAP Training Sessions

The recommended AAP training sessions, not included in the Prep Package, are available for purchase throughout the year. (Savings Tip: The AAP training sessions and most other training are covered under the Educational Package Plan)


Below are the AAP Training Sessions for this year:


RDFI Roles & Responsibilities

Midwest [July 23] | Mid-Atlantic [July 23] | Virtual* [July 18]

ODFI Roles & Responsibilities

Midwest [July 24] | Mid-Atlantic [July 24] | Virtual* [July 25]

Navigating & Tabbing the ACH Rule Book

Midwest [July 30] | Mid-Atlantic [August 6] | Virtual* [August 1]

Federal Government Payments and ACH

Midwest [July 31] | Mid-Atlantic [August 7] | Virtual* [August 8]

Regulation Review for the ACH Network

Midwest [August 20] | Mid-Atlantic [August 27] | Virtual* [August 22]

ACH File Formats

Midwest [August 21] | Mid-Atlantic [August 28] | Virtual* [August 29]

*The virtual sessions are not eligible for the AAP Guarantee

Macha's AAP Offer Money Back Guarantee

We’re so confident that we’ve put together a great package that we’re willing to guarantee your success! If you attend all the recommended AAP training sessions in person and purchase the AAP Test Prep Package, and you DO NOT PASS THE EXAM, we’ll reimburse you for the AAP test registration fee!*

*Refund must be requested by December 31st of the year the prep package was purchased.

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