Bite-Sized Learning: Reckoning of Third-Party Risk Management in 2024

As we look back on 2023, significant events took place that will leave a lasting impact on how financial institutions, and other organizations, manage and mitigate the financial, operational, and reputational risks associated with all commercial third-party relationships.  These events range in scope from the release of the Interagency Guidance on Third-Party Risk by three banking regulators, to the increase in sanctioned companies, and 60 Credit Unions becoming non-functional, almost simultaneously, due to a ransomware attack on a third party of one of their vendors.

This webinar is designed to educate professionals in payments, treasury services, and compliance on the current state of Third-Party Risk Management. We will cover topics including why the strategic significance continues to increase, the convergence of best practices in vetting customers, originators, processors, and vendors, and how effective due diligence is now a continuous exercise that lasts throughout the relationship lifecycle.

Kevin Sasser, AAP, is Director of Sales and Strategic Initiatives for Argos Risk and is a past Chairman of the NEACH Fraud Committee. Argos Risk is a leading provider of third-party risk intelligence. Kevin, and his team, work with professionals in over 30 industries, including hundreds of financial institutions, in leveraging technology, automation, and machine-learning to create transparency and clarity into the health, stability, and viability of commercial third-party portfolios.

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