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NACHA's Risk Management Advisory Group Updates Resources

NACHA's Risk Management Advisory Group (RMAG) is updating the Risk Management portion of the NACHA website. Below are the new pages, full of additional resources for you to stay on top of your organization's risk management knowledge and strategy.

Current Fraud Threats Resource Center

Threats and fraud can be perpetuated through cyber attacks, email compromise, account takeover, social engineering, and even vendor impersonation fraud. While these threats are not about a direct compromise of the ACH Network or other payment systems, they exploit vulnerabilities or gaps in processes or procedures. NACHA is committed to helping financial institutions, businesses, other organizations, and consumers protect themselves and prevent fraudulent activity.
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Regulatory Guidance and Information

Payments-related regulatory guidance helps to ensure the security and efficient exchange of ACH transactions and other electronic payments. Regulatory bodies such as FinCEN, FFIEC, OCC and others issue and update guidance regularly, and it is important that financial institutions and other ACH Network participants are aware of and understand the implications new regulations and guidance can have on their operations.
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