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NACHA Announces Sun-Setting of 2019 Rules Corporate Edition

Save on Your Rulebook Pre-Orders

NACHA sunset for Rules Corporate EditionBeginning with the 2019 Rules advance sales, PAR/WACHA will offer the full edition of the NACHA Operating Rules & Guidelines only as NACHA has announced the sun-setting of the Rules Corporate Edition. This ensures all users are receiving complete and accurate information for compliance. CD-ROMs are also no longer available. The current available product formats include print, online resource and digital access (app).

Save on Your Rulebook Pre-Orders

slanted 2019 NACHA Rules coverPre-orders for your 2019 NACHA Rules are now open, and PAR/WACHA is offering a 10 percent savings on Rules purchases through Dec. 10, 2018! In addition to the 10 percent savings, pre-orders of the NACHA Rules hard copy come with a FREE Online Access code. Any orders made during this advance sale period should begin shipping early-to-mid-December.

The NACHA Operating Rules & Guidelines is the foundation needed for every ACH payment. Understanding the Rules & Guidelines keeps your organization at the top of its field -- ensuring efficient ACH payments, strengthening risk management practices and lessening returns and exceptions.

Take advantage of the 10 percent savings on your NACHA Rules pre-order today! Visit our online store to read the descriptions of each format (print, online resource or app) and to pre-order your 2019 NACHA Rules.

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