Membership Types and Benefits

We invite you to Increase Revenue, Reduce Operational Expenses and Mitigate Risks in Electronic Payments by becoming a PAR/WACHA Member. In addition to the benefits of WACHA’s Payments Advocacy and Education, as a Member you will also benefit from the Payments Risk Mitigation and Compliance products and services offered by our sister company – Payment Advisory Resource (PAR).

PAR/WACHA’s products and services are helpful to all types of organizations. Whether you are a financial institution, small-to-midsized business, or large payment vendor – we have a Membership Package for you! We welcome you to explore the specific benefits and services of our three Membership Types below: 

PAR/WACHA Membership Types

Financial Institution

Financial Institution Member – PAR/WACHA’s most prevalent membership type includes: banks, credit unions, and financial institution holding companies. We represent the common interests of all our Financial Institution Members at a national level via NACHA Committees, Counsels, and Rule Ballots; Electronic Check Clearing House Organization (ECCHO); Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB); the Federal Reserve Bank; and many other rule making and influencing organizations. 

AffiliateAffiliate Member – Our base membership category for non-financial institution organizations is perfect for businesses with treasury management department, businesses that process a high volume of payments, and organizations that provide payment related services. PAR/WACHA’s Affiliate Membership base includes a wide-range of industry types including law firms, insurance companies, Third-Party Senders, payroll processors, municipalities, ecommerce, and collection agencies.   

Preferred Vendor Affiliate Member – Our newest memPreferred Vendersbership category was developed to serve, support, and partner with non-financial institution leaders in the payments industry. This membership type is a great fit for Payment Vendors, Third-Party Payment Processors, Payment Software and other Service Providers, and other Payment Industry Stakeholders. The Preferred Vendor Affiliate Membership package includes all benefits of the Affiliate Membership package, plus many more benefits and opportunities.

 Check out the full list of Membership Benefits in the 2018 PAR/WACHA Products and Services Catalog

*The benefits and services are not limited to what is listed. PAR/WACHA is always open to partnering on different projects that may be mutually beneficial for our Members and Preferred Vendors. 

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