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Don’t Get Left Behind on Instant Payments Adoption

Keith Gray (The Clearing House)
Joni Hopkins, AAP (Federal Reserve Financial Services)
Debbie Smart, CTP, NCP (Q2)
Bradley Wilkes (Open Payment Network)


Last year, as we all waited for the FedNow network to launch, banks and credit unions were focused on understanding the opportunities around instant payments and how to prepare to offer them. A year later, we have some lessons learned to share.


Join this panel discussion as experts from The Clearing House, the Federal Reserve, Open Payment Network and Q2 answer commonly asked questions and discuss the challenges, successes, and use cases uncovered by financial institutions over the past several months as they navigate the new payments rails.

Is Checkless Lockbox the Future?

Mike Reynolds (TMR Solutions)


Will lockbox remain relevant in an evolving payments landscape? yes!  However, it will require focusing on the importance of extracting value from the payment ecosystem. That “value”? The capture, reporting and delivery of the remittance data associated with B2B payments regardless of the payment channel – check or electronic.

Payments Through Time: Reflecting on the Past and Charting the Future

Paul Carrubba (Adams & Reese LLP) 
Richard Oliver (Retired, Federal Reserve Financial Services)
Norman Robinson (Retired, ePayResources)


Bringing together more than a century of collective payments expertise, this panel comprises professionals involved in some of the most critical moments in payments history and the evolution of the underlying laws impacting payments. This panel aims to explore the impact of regulatory amendments, industry innovations, and lessons learned along the way. By reflecting on these aspects, the discussion aims to equip attendees with insights on how the industry’s history can serve as a guiding force for future advancements.

State of Play in Payments

Jason Carone, AAP (The Clearing House)

Payments is an ever-changing game. There are new players, new teams, new rules and even new venues that can overwhelm even the most seasoned players. This year's winning squad may be last year's has-been; and no one likes to be in last place. In the same way athletes need to practice, payment professionals must too train and adapt to stay competitive. Come listen to The Clearing House experts discuss critical trends, new innovations, and emerging threats throughout the payment ecosystem.

The Adventures of Being a Data Detective: Locating and Evaluating Data Sources to Ensure Effective Transaction Monitoring

Nanci McKenzie, AAP (Nanci McKenzie LLC)


Data is everywhere, but how can you use it effectively and responsibly? In this session, you will learn how to collect and integrate data that exists in various systems to make informed decisions and remain compliant. You will also discover some best practices and tools for data monitoring, analysis, and reporting. Whether you are in the C-suite, a manager, a business intelligence analyst or a data enthusiast, this session will help you gain valuable insights from your data and use it to your advantage.

Fraud and Dispute Claims: Intake, Investigation, and Resolution

Jennifer Aguilar (Alston & Bird LLP)


Customer recourse for fraud and other disputes is a key consumer protection and principle within payment network rules. However, financial institutions are not always on the hook for providing a refund to their customers so understanding the legal requirements for claims is essential.


This session will cover claims processing and resolution. Using examples of different claim scenarios, we’ll discuss considerations and best practices for the intake process with your customers; requirements and strategies for investigating claims; legal and customer service perspectives for resolving claims; and opportunities for recovering losses. We’ll discuss claims related to fraud, scams, and product disputes across various payment types such as ACH, card and check. We’ll also discuss both consumer and commercial claims considerations.

Digital Assets Beyond The Hype

Peter Tapling (PTap Advisory)


Can you believe it has been 16 years since the origination of Bitcoin? My, what roller coaster the digital asset market has seen in that time. From Mount Gox and Silk Road, to predictions of $100,000 Bitcoin, to crypto winter and FTX and back to a blossoming market. Along the way, more “bank friendly” offerings such as stablecoins, tokenized assets and CBDCs have taken root. Where are we now? How should you be thinking about digital assets?

Ripped from the Headlines

Peter Tapling (PTap Advisory) and Friends


This session delves into the most current events in the payments sphere. Topics drawn from the headlines leading up to the event will be discussed, debated, defended and maybe even destroyed in a fast paced, game show style contest where nothing is made up and the points don’t matter.

The New Regs and What to Do About Them?

Gary Stein (99FinTech LLC and former CFPB)


Please join us for this fireside chat as Gary Stein, former senior policy lead at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, breaks down the CFPB’s open banking, overdraft, and other payments-related rules and activities and discusses what it means for banks, how to get ready, and what the future might bring.

Authority, Authentication and Account Validation: A Review of Legal Obligations, Liabilities and Risks

Scott Jones (Adams & Reese, LLP)


Initiating transactions electronically involves careful consideration of how we identify account owners, ensure the proper authority is obtained, and validate the intended accounts. There is no single “right” way to make sure a transaction is authorized, authenticate an accountholder, and conduct account validation.


New technologies and industry trends offer options to choose from. Learn how to interpret the rules, understand potential liabilities, and hear about benefits and pitfalls associated with different options for these key ACH requirements.

Why Instant? Why Now

Todd Koehn and Brooke Teidt (Bankers’ Bank)


Ever wondered if instant payments are just another passing fad like the Furby? Join us in this enlightening session where you will discover why overlooking instant payments is simply not an option for your financial institution. Uncover effective strategies to monetize instant payments and stay ahead of the curve!

Unlocking Efficiency in Banking: Leveraging AI for Streamlined Workflows

Kevin Miyamoto (Identifee)


Join us for an insightful conference session where industry experts will delve into the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the banking sector. Discover how credit unions and banks can effectively deploy AI technologies to optimize workflows, enhance customer experiences, and drive innovation. Explore the latest trends, best practices, and real-world applications of AI in financial services, and learn how to harness its potential to stay ahead in the competitive landscape. And yes, this description was written by AI :)

Payments Risk and Compliance. Current Ponderings on Common Audit Findings

Andy Barlow (Macha/PAR)


Macha and Payment Advisory Resources have been conducting payment audits and risk assessments for 20 years. Over the last couple of years, we have distilled common findings from our clients, large and small, and will be presenting these findings to you. This conversation will take real life scenarios from ACH and RDC visits and our suggestions for improving operations.

Washington Insider:  Payments Policy and Politics

Bill Sullivan (Nacha)


Nacha’s Government Relations expert Bill Sullivan will discuss payments policy from a legislative and regulatory perspective. Learn how Congressional leadership changes may impact policy during 2024-2025, and what the financial services industry is watching closely “inside the beltway”.

Banking with a Heart - A Human Being Behind Every Transaction

Ian Mitchell (The Knoble)


In the payments world, we talk about and fight fraud daily. There are good guys and bad guys battling it out over billions of dollars annually in both losses and investments. If it seems like a never-ending game of chess, well, it is. Sadly, there is an even more nefarious and growing element, which is the role of organized crime and human trafficking in the execution of fraud attacks.


From forced labor staffing call centers with the purpose of executing the crimes, to the riches of the same being used to finance the trafficking of even more humans. This is truly the ugliest underside of financial crimes, and it warrants understanding, acknowledgement, and action by the payments community to play a role in thwarting their success.